FiRMA, one of the iconic rock bands of the Romanian alternative rock, was launched in 2001 on a musical market that was starting to learn to live up to international standards. Their debut album („La orbire” - 2003) broke all the patterns due to their jazz, blues, funk and trip-hop influences, molded on an alternative rock sound. The bands videos have remained in the memory of a generation, so that the band succeeded to capture the attention of the music scene due to the care for details proven by their artistic output. With three nominations at the MTV European Music Awards, a second exciting album released in 2007 and a collaboration for the live soundtrack of the play „Desteptarea primaverii” at Teatrul Mic in Bucharest (2016-2017), the band is now in a new creative shot. The fresh energy of the musicians' team is crystallized in the newest studio material, „Descântece”. Launched for three years (Volume 1 in October 2014, Volume 2 in May 2017), „Descantece” is the newest evolutionary step in the history of a band that has always surprised. Launched on December, the 17th 2018, the album „Poezii Alese Vol. I” brings together a set of nine songs composed by Daniel Stoicea - „Rocca” on lyrics by classical and contemporary Romanian poets as: Nina Cassian, Elena Vladareanu, Ana Blandiana, Svetlana Carstean, George Bacovia, Lucian Blaga and Mihai Eminescu. So far, the pieces released are: „In lemn” and „Spatiu Vital”, „Daca ne-am ucide unul pe altul” and „Vis cu cai”.